• portfolio image of unique circular kitchen island with a fire feature in the center open to a multicolored living room beyond
portfolio image of unique circular kitchen island with a fire feature in the center open to a multicolored living room beyond

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Project Type: Renovation

Service: Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E, Landscaping

Design Statement:

Homes are not meant to be preserved throughout time, rather they should be able to adapt to the character of those who live in them. Wanting a kitchen that they could entertain in, this client's little addition turned into a whole home remodel. Situated on a wooded acreage lot, the residence had amazing potential for an environment that could blend the couple's tastes. A soft and sophisticated scheme centered on shades of red, orange and greens, was a sharp contrast to the homes original maple and white. A contemporary marriage of traditional and classic pieces created the homes transitional style, while details were added to keep the look fresh and modern. The rooms' ceilings were very massive and made scale very important in the design process. We also took into account the demands for seating and socializing, as the owners active season schedule called for hosting charitable events and receptions.

The wife's office was used extensively for fund-raising and planning events, and it was paramount that the rooms look and feel comfortable. In contrast the husband's office was located far away from the activity and windows allowing a front row seat to the back yard wildlife. We gave the new dining area a "tree house" view. The color tones of the room and the kitchen provided for a lot of visual interest. A cylinder shaped fire element, which runs on compressed natural gas, is the center of attention at the kitchen island and is surrounded by a lazy susan so the guests can participate in the cook's preparation and share effortlessly. The master suites lofty proportions provided for yet another opportunity to combine scale and detail into a flawless composition.

The home's exterior includes an Inca damn that runs from the front door to the homes backyard into a pond and water feature. An outdoor fire pit and stone chairs that the homeowners commissioned was placed strategically into the landscape, greeting you as you drive up to the home when lit and also acting as a sculptural element when not. We used lighting, color, scale and finish materials to match the homes monumental breadth – all the while creating an appropriate residential design that is comfortable and inviting.

  • Fire Feature Island
  • Lazy Susan - Serving Island
  • Pond & Water Feature
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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