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Project Type: New Construction

Service: Site Selection, Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E

Design Statement:

This home was built on a granite ledge using innovative and renewable products with a sophisticated palette of enduring materials. From the initial concept through to the finishing construction of this home, it was the homeowner's vision to truly be "all things green." To the homeowners this meant save water, reduce energy, protect the site, minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

The result is a completely self sustaining cliffside home that uses zero energy. Starting with the envelope, the walls were constructed of a product made of Portland cement and recycled polystyrene. This created a structure that would be naturally fire and pest resistant, energy efficient and sound absorbing. The recycled polystyrene used to make the shell, created a wall with a high insulation value and is an example of thermal mass in the design. The standing seam roof is designed to shed snow and collect light that is recycled through the solar panels for energy use. High performance energy efficient windows in custom shapes were used to accent the roof lines and structure of the home. A smart house system was implemented to bond all systems together and can be used by the homeowners from remote locations.

Trying to meet the homeowner's desire for brilliant color on the design and integrate the architecture proved to be challenging at times. The unique shapes and configurations provided by the structure were used to our advantage to create an organic feel. Structural posts and beams were used to separate the living spaces from each other without disconnecting them from one another. The heights and shapes of the roof lines, the home's layered lighting seemed to be the perfect combination of task lighting and accents to highlight the owner's thirst for fantastic colors!

  • Green Design
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Drainage System
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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