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Project Type: Office Renovation

Service: Architecture, Interior Design, Space Planning, FF&E

Design Statement:

Hard on the heels of their success, this group of wealth management professionals wasted no time in setting their sights on a new, more personal way of doing business. Moving from the city to the suburbs, this group had a vision. They had the art of unexpected style and an uncanny connection to their client profile. Armed with only their vision and a dedication to managing their client's most valuable asset, their money, the goal was to transform the 4800 square foot space into an environment that was uncompromising and one that dared to be true to their career lifestyle.

Translating a space that was warm, friendly and exuded a sense of confidence was critical in the design solution. In understanding the complexity of this business, it was determined that the need for privacy and security would also play a fundamental part. Seeing the space as a whole rather than its individual rooms was the chosen approach. This principle was embraced by the client and embodied in this design. By using two and three dimensional shapes that are eye catching and inspiring, the solution begins to tell a complex story just as the service this company provides. Careful space planning allowed the group to conduct business in virtually any location.

The importance of scale goes hand and hand with balance. Not ignored in this design, attention was paid to every detail; the architectural layout, surface materials both overhead and underfoot, even the recessed can trims. All of these items influence your eye's perception of the space. The room's dimensions, ceiling heights, and other architectural factors affect the way you feel, and the collection of spaces exude integrity and a sense of dignity. High shine, deep grain, heavily-textured walls and continuous movement became the mantra of this group's style. While the design can never carry the load for the business, it created an edge for these men and their vision.

  • Custom Floor
  • Ceiling Design
  • Faux Painting
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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